How to view search results - Society Copyright Policies in Japan

How to view search results

NameName of Academic Society
PolicyDisplays Green, Blue, Yellow and White policies (Gray is not a policy, it means that the policy is unclear)
Use Publisher's Version Whether the publisher's version (electronic or scanned book) can be posted unchanged when stored in a repository.
Publication locationDisplays websites that support publication of articles by societies. These sites could be chosen from the author's personal website, or the websites of institutional repositories, financial aid groups, and NPOs. If the society has designated a publication location, that will also be displayed. If the society has not designated any such place, nothing will be displayed. This does not mean that it can be published anywhere, instead it means that it is unclear whether there is a location to publish the article.
Publication conditionsDisplays conditions for publishing articles on websites. Other items are displayed, such as copyright notices, whether there are sources or not, as well as whether it is necessary to obtain approval for publication. In addition, if the society has specified conditions, they will also be displayed. If nothing is displayed, this means that there are no conditions for publication.
CommentsDisplays a variety of supplementary notes.
Publication rulesDisplays links if copyright provisions relating to the societies' publications are posted on the web.
HomePageLinks to societies' homepages
Data confirmation dateDisplays the date the society data was entered or edited.