What is the copyright policy?

Copyright of ArticlesAuthor and publisher versionsDefinitions of "pre-preview" and "post-preview"

Copyright of Articles

  Part of the copyright of some articles published in various journals, such as academic journals, is transferred to the academic society publishing the journal. (For more details, refer to the manuscript submission rules of each journal. This database also publishes submission rules which can be accessed online.)
  Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to obtain the approval of the society, as well as the author, when publishing articles that have already been published in journals, in a different location.
The approval of societies may also be required when archiving articles with institutional repositories or publishing them via the author's personal website.

  However, confirming each and every article with societies can be a cumbersome task for all parties concerned. Accordingly, more and more societies are formulating article publication policies, which determine whether such articles can be published in locations apart from the original journal.
  This SCPJ (Society Copyright Policies in Japan) database enables users to confirm societies' copyright policies by assembling their publication policies.

Author and publisher versions

  Articles that a society often allows to be published in a location other than its journal are the so-called "author's final version". This is generally understood to be "the final version available to the author just prior to it being published by the journal". In addition, there may be other limitations such as only "pre-review" or "post-review" articles can be published. Each policy is different, but the fundamental rule is that the version available to the author, rather than the version published in the journal, can be published elsewhere.

  However, depending on the society, articles that have been published in journals are sometimes allowed to be published as they are elsewhere. In such a case, the "Able to use publisher version" item of this database shows that it is possible to post already published articles as they are.

Definitions of "pre-preview" and "post-preview"

The diagram below shows the flow from article submission to publication, as well as a definition of "pre-review", "post-review", and "publisher version".